How Would You Like To Get 30,000 To 150,000

That You Can Turn Into On Demand Traffic, Leads, and Sales
Any Time You Wish & Scale Your Business Like Crazy…

WITHOUT Lifting A Single Finger?

This Is Perfect For Getting Results WITHOUT Taking You Away From The Day To Day of Running Your Business.

You Don’t Have To Change Anything You’re Doing Now.
Just Reap The Benefits Guaranteed!

Our Complete DONE FOR YOU Service Is The

PERFECT SOLUTION For Busy Entrepreneurs

Looking To EFFORTLESSLY Scale Their Brands
For More Sales While Focusing On High-Level Strategy.

Firstly, congrats on becoming part of the MarketingBlocks family.

Your investment in MarketingBlocks was one of the best decisions you could have ever made when it comes to putting the odds of success in your favor for your business.

Now…I’m sure you’re ready to jump in and start using all those amazing tools right? Of course you do.

But before you do, I just want to share (very briefly) a way to get incredible results in your business WITHOUT having to change much of what you’re doing right now.

It’ll only take a moment…and I REALLY think you’re going to like this…


“How Do You Plan To Manage The Day to Day
Of Your Business AND Leverage MarketingBlocks
To Scale Your Business…All At The Same Time?”

If you’re one of the few people that has a ton of time in the day and don’t do much of anything else…then this won’t fit you.

But if you’re one of the executives, entrepreneurs, or business owners who are in the thick of it…the grind…the trenches looking to make ‘it’ happen and build something significant, then the question above is one you really have to consider.

Think About It:

You’re already doing a ton of things everyday in your business. The day to day can be exhausting as most entrepreneurs' businesses would fail if they stopped doing the daily tasks they currently do. And maybe that’s you?

Sure, AI is designed to help, but it’s not a replacement. It can do 90% of the things necessary to help WITH marketing, but it can’t add the human element that’s necessary to get the marketing in the sweet spot that you need for conversions.

So I’ll Ask Again,
“How Do You Plan To Leverage AI With All You Have
CURRENTLY Going On In Your Business?”

I Personally Added (X) Followers In (X) Days While

Generating (X) Dollars.

And If You Want An Unfair Advantage (Like I Now Have),
Getting Hundreds Of Thousands of Followers
For Your Brand Is The Key

Today, a good deal of the world is still on social. Sites like IG and TikTok are a magnet for people who are always looking to connect with different types of brands and businesses like yours.

I Took Advantage Of This For Our Own Brand
The Results Were Nothing Short Of Amazing:

It’s One Thing To Get People To See Your Content And The Brand Or Business You Have.

It’s A Totally Different Thing To Capture These Followers
And Redirect Them To Do Business With You

And if you want to be able to get results that make others wonder what your secret is, you’ll need to master two steps.

They’re simple, but not always easy. But everything you’re reading on this page will make it easier than ever to accomplish.

You Only Need 2 Steps

To Succeed With AI.

The First?

Human Direction + AI Effort

In Other Words…
Let The AI Do MORE Of What You Already Know To Do, Do It FASTER & Give The Final Output A Human ‘Touch’.

Currently, we don’t have access to an AI that’s truly sentient. And even if it was, there’s no way an AI can ever have the human experience. That’s something that’s unique to you and your audience.

So even with writing a book, social posts, blog posts, scripts, or whatever you need, you’ll still need to review it to make it sound like, ‘your brand or your voice’. Not doing this will just turn your audience off and you’ll lose valuable traffic, leads, sales, and eventually revenue.

So Here’s The Problem You’re Also Most Likely Facing

You’ve gotten access to MarketingBlocks, but you have to work with it DAILY to get the results you’re looking for. This may be fine for a little while, but it puts you between a rock and a hard place for the near and distant future.

The Second (MOST Important)

Step To Succeeding With AI?

Consistent Focused Action

This Helps You Achieve TRUE Omnipresence!

You can’t just expect to post one or two days and have a gang of traffic beating down your digital or physical doors. The key is to build momentum. That same momentum will begin to shift your brand in the marketplace and you’ll begin to be seen everywhere.

Now why is this important? Because of OMNIPRESENCE.

In other words, when you’re seen everywhere by your market, when they have a problem that your brand, products, or services solves, they’ll INSTANTLY think about purchasing from you.

It’s like people ordering food from McDonalds or feeling the need to get coffee from Starbucks. Every time you look up, they’re advertising their brand in front of the masses. So when the masses get hungry, they unsuspectingly head to one of the two above.

This is what consistent focused action can help you achieve. By posting valuable content everyday in multiple places online, your business can start to have this same effect in the market.

When You truly Achieve Omnipresence,
From That Point On The Revenue Exponentially Grows
Without Much More Effort Than You’re Using Right Now

But Gaining That Life-Changing
Revenue Exploding Momentum For Your Business?

That’s The Hard Part.

They key however (once again) is CONSISTENT focused action. This is where most entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and others fail.

And fail miserably I might add. They’re all too good when it comes to their products, services, and day to day tasks, but if we’re being honest…they’re TERRIBLE at building marketing momentum.

The same type of marketing that keeps your audience eagerly anticipating updates with baited breath. Once that happens, it becomes easier to build email lists, customer databases, and promotions that make more in 48 hours than people make in a year!

So To TRULY Have A Shot At
This Type Of Momentum, You’ve Go To:

Craft engaging social posts
on the regular

Schedule those posts to go out at certain intervals DAILY to stop scrollers in their tracks

Create short reel videos that the market loves

Create downloadable items that are freebies and make the market want to buy from you (i.e. lead magnets, ebooks, etc)

Have other premium resources that the competition doesn’t give the audience

Write engaging scripts that make people stand up and take notice

Have video skills to create videos that make people pay attention

Get the market used to your voice which means a ton of voice recording

Create all of the items above

And That’s Just The Beginning

I didn’t even mention things like keeping up with the latest trends, competitors, new advancements in product technology and other things.

Oh, and you’ve got to do this AROUND YOUR CURRENT setup and daily schedule.

Like I said earlier, if you’re someone that doesn’t have anything else to do then this won’t fit you, but if you’re already swamped for time with your current business, then you’ll definitely need to think deeply about how you’re going to make your dent in your market while still trying to run the day to day of your business.

Thankfully, we’ve already worked on a solution to help you…

Too Busy or Too Burnt Out To Do It Yourself?

Why Not Let Us Handle Everything For You While You Sit Back And Relax!

Listen, we run a multi-million dollar company here at (name of company). With (X) employees and (X) products, we know what it takes to succeed.

But we also know what it feels to be overwhelmed. Trying to wear so many different hats while at the same time trying to hit revenue goals can be daunting…and scary. When this happens, most people leave the promotional marketing tasks out on the curb.

That only results in little to no sales which means no cashflow coming in.

Which then compounds anxiety, stress, frustration, and not to mention ailments that you might even start feeling physically. And while AI is a great tool, you must know that a tool is only as good as the hands it's in.

But if you never have time to pick up that tool and build consistently, then your business is doomed to die a slow and painful death.

That’s why we decided to come up with a hands-off DFY program to help people like yourself who might find themselves in this or similar situations…or who just want someone else to do the tedious work for them so they can focus on high level strategies of building their business.

This program works wonders for the busy entrepreneur. You simply let us handle everything while you reap the rewards…


The AI Growth Accelerator

Only [X] Spots Are Available For This Program

If You Want To A Fast Pass To
All The Leads And Sales You Can Handle,

WITHOUT Changing What You’re Doing Right Now…

This Is Perfect For You!

There’s a saying that money loves speed. Action does too. So if you want to truly build the momentum your business needs to thrive, then what better way to have everything done for you?

We all have 24 hours in the day. But it’s HOW you use those 24 hours that will determine whether or not you see success. Trying to run your current schedule in your business and add to it the new AI technology may not be the best for you at this stage.

But yet, you’ll still need to benefit from what AI could potentially do for your business.

So How Do You Solve This Problem?

You Let Us Handle The AI Side Of Things
While You Continue Doing What You’re Doing Now!

We’re Experts At The AI Game.
You Could Tap Into Our Years Of Expertise To Get Results Faster
Than What You Could See On Your Own Guaranteed

Our AI Velocity Growth Experts Manage Everything

Here’s How It Works:

1. You Apply To See If You Qualify

Because we’re dedicating personal REAL people and resources to this project, we can’t take everyone on as a client. We’re also looking to get guaranteed results for those that we do.

This means that we have to be very selective in who we work with because we have to dedicate time and energy to helping clients not only get massive followers, but be able to scale their businesses with incredible success.

Unfortunately, that means we’ll have to turn some people away. Hopefully that won’t be you!

2. You Meet With Your AI Velocity Growth Expert To Design Your Future Framework

If selected, we’ll set up a 1 on 1 meeting with your very own personal AI Velocity Growth Expert.

This person will act as your coach, attentively listen to your desires, goals, and business needs, and then get to work drafting a profitable and proven framework to help you get results with AI.

This framework will be the very roadmap we’ll be using to help you crush it when it comes to not only getting 10’s or even hundreds of thousands of followers, but also being able to monetize those followers in a variety of ways.

3. We Get To Work, You Relax and Receive Regular Updates With Results

After you’ve had your first meeting, our team will then place you and your business into our specialized AI Growth Marketing Blocks setup.

This will allow us to focus on getting you results to the max. We’ll handle everything from here. All the posting, ebook creation, lead magnets, video reels and more. We’ll do thorough research to make sure that every piece of content created by the AI will also reflect your brand with a pure human touch.

This Is What Will Guarantee Your Success.

But Let’s Go A Little Deeper Ok?

If Selected,

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:

When We Say We’ll Handle Everything, We Mean Just That

If You’re Selected To One Of The Few Spots,
Here’s What You Can Expect To Receive When You Work With Us:

Part 1

Onboarding & Setup

Instant Authority AI Avatar & Voice Cloning

Now before you think we’re doing some Terminator or Back to The Future stuff, relax. We’re only going to create your personal AI clone with your likeness. That’s all.

To a little more in detail, our AI video cloning technology creates a lifelike digital clone of you as the face and voice behind stunningly realistic videos. This will help to establish immense credibility as audiences engage with what appears to be you in the flesh rather than an amateur cartoon character.

Monetization Gaps X-Ray Vision

Our proven 12-point audit framework exposes hidden opportunities within your business, content, social presence, competitors and ideal audience. Pinpointing these gaps builds the roadmap for greatly enhancing monetization.

This is perfect for adding more revenue to your business that you might be otherwise overlooking.

The AI Essence Effect - Building Your Magnetic Brand Personality

Through 1-on-1 strategy sessions, our team will uncover and amplify your unique brand voice, style and themes that pique your audience’s interest better than competitors.

We’ll go deep into your past content as well as study your competitor’s content so we can craft a unique style in the market that’s only for you. This personality magnetizes your audience for higher engagement and conversions and will be used daily in promoting and connecting with your brand.

Lead Magnets That Convert Traffic To Followers

We handle every aspect of creating high-converting lead magnets that your audience simply won’t be able to resist. This includes compelling themes, great copy, engaging graphics, formatting, covers and publishing. Each one is fine-tuned to deliver targeted traffic that stops in its tracks.

The Ultimate Lead Capture Network

We set up tailored landing pages, thank you pages and integrate top conversion tech - email, SMS, meetings and more into a seamless lead capturing network. This establishes smooth 24/7 high performance that gets profitable leads while you work in other areas of your business.

The B2B Frost Breaker Email Outreach Package

For B2B, our multi-touch cold email sequences spark intrigue and prompt quality back-and-forth conversations with key decision makers. It’s the perfect way to get past the gatekeepers and stand out from the competition.

This opens the floodgates to your sales team by securing more vetted opportunities ready to buy your services.

The Red Carpet Launchpad Email Experience

Through emotionally intelligent email and SMS follow-up, we craft emails that seduce your new leads into a whirlwind romance with your main offer. This transitions subscribers from the initial lead magnet to eager buyers with minimal effort on your part.

Part 2

Ongoing Work & Delivery

730 Social Media Touchpoints

Receive 730 additional social media posts across multiple networks - 2 per day for an entire year keeps you top of mind in front of your audience.

365 Compelling Video Reels

One new short video reel daily, handled from concept to publishing - ideas, scripts, footage, editing, effects, captions, etc. Visual content builds authority and traffic.

6 Captivating Lead Generation eBooks

Receive 6 brand new lead magnet ebooks - outline, writing, graphic design, publishing and more. One high-converting magnet every two months floods you with targeted leads.

2 Custom Traffic-Driven Micro Tools

We build 2 tailored tools - micro calculators, trackers etc. - designed specifically to capture leads in your niche. These drive highly qualified visitors to your ecosystem.

Part 3

Your AI Success Council

Your Personal AI Whisperer

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your business and handle all coordination and communication between you and the team. They become your personal AI whisperer for accelerated expansion and growth.

Success Blueprint Architect

A personal success coach will work with you 1-on-1 to audit your current marketing and create a strategic expansion blueprint tailored for you. They architect a streamlined path to achieving your vision.

This Way We Can Make Sure Your Success Is Assured

As A Matter Of Fact:

We’ll Work To Help You Achieve 30k to 150k Followers That
Can Turn Into High Quality Leads and Sales For Your Business

Tap Into These Followers
For Major Paydays On Demand!

Can you imagine having that many eyeballs ready to take in your offers? By achieving this, your revenue generation doesn’t become a mystery, but predictable and sustainable.

That’s the power of working with our team in the AI Growth Accelerator.

You’ll be able to achieve the much needed results to build a following in the marketplace faster than you could ever do on your own.

All The Benefits.
None of The Stress.

Build Massive Followings You Can Monetize
Anytime You Wish And Scale Your Business To New Heights.
We’re Your Go To Team For Guaranteed Results.

As a matter of fact:

  • When you’re sleep - we’re working
  • The content that’ll be developed - will always work to gather leads and sales for YEARS to come
  • The videos give a personal touch and connection point that make people want to do business with you
  • No need to struggle with designs or content formatting for lead magnets and ebooks
  • No need to try and write high converting copy - we handle that while you relax
  • No need to try and code any software to create resources for your market - we’ll handle that

The Only Thing You Need To Do Is
Make The Decision To Apply Today.

If selected, by (X timeframe) you could be enjoying the MASSIVE benefits of your new found success without the stress.

Imagine Your Business…Without Limits.

Our AI Growth Acceleration Service lets you rapidly scale your business in the new digital era without the usual headaches of managing complex software and campaigns. We handle those tedious tasks for you.

Plus, the content we create is optimized for every device and platform including mobile, where the majority of your customers are. Whether they use iOS, Android, desktop or any device in between, viewers will seamlessly engage with the customized videos, social posts, lead magnets and more we produce.

This convenience converts as we drive targeted traffic to your offers and offers through multiple avenues like search, social media, email nurturing and others. The end result is an influx of qualified leads primed to convert into delighted customers. No hassles or hurdles. Just hands-free exponential growth on autopilot so you can focus on big-picture strategy.

You Simply Can’t Lose When You Sign Up Today.

Unfortunately, I Can Only Help (X) People.
After That, I’ll Have To Close The Doors.

So It’s Best To Take Action TODAY

As I Said Earlier, Because This Is A Service That Our Team
Will Actually Be Doing For You, We Have To Have The Dedicated Time, Energy, And Resources To Make It A Success.

Because of that, we can’t take on a lot of people. That will thin down the quality of results and we’re simply not going to do that.

Our aim is to really help only a handful of people achieve amazing results and get more followers than they ever imagined. From there, we want to help those same individuals learn how to use those followers to scale their revenue by 10X or more.

And that’s without doing a single thing more than what they’re doing right now.

So if you truly want a fast pass to results with your business, I highly encourage you to apply today.

By this time (timeframe) you and your business could look drastically different for the better!

 It’s Time To Work Smarter And Not Harder.

Let Our AI Velocity Growth Experts Help You
Scale Your Business To New Heights In The AI Era.

Ready To Get Started? Awesome!

It’s As Simple As Clicking The Button Below To Start Your Application.

Once you do, we’ll be in touch quickly to set up a call to discuss how to move forward.

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