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Best Part? You Don’t Need To Have Any AI or Tech Skills
To Profit From This Business. Beginners Are Welcome!

Use AI to Fulfill All The Services to Starving Businesses That Are Happy to Pay You Thousands For Your Help.
You Close The Deals & Get Paid and AI Does All The Work. We’ll Show You How!

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If You Could Have An AI Agency That
Makes $10k/mo (Or More) In The Next 3 Months

With Payments In The Bank Starting In The Next 30 Days…

Would You Be Interested?

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Time is of the essence…therefore, I won’t waste yours.

Right now, there’s a major shift happening. And unfortunately, many have already fallen behind.

It’s the AI Revolution and…it’s only going to get worse in the coming months.

AI has been unleashed and it’s accelerating business at an alarming pace. As well as life.

If you don’t take action, you’re doomed to be one of the millions who will fall victim to the havoc that AI is wreaking upon the economy.

And If You’re Like Most, YOu Can’t:

  • Write code to try and compete with AI coding solutions
  • Stay awake 24 hours out of the day to handle the day to day tasks of running a business
  • Multi-task various operations all in sync to help a business thrive and dominate its competition.

AI can and does.

So there’s no way for you to compete. However, there is an opportunity to get in front of the coming AI wave and ride it to true financial freedom.

Even if you have zero tech skills.

Friend, The MAJOR Money Is Moving Towards
Becoming An AI Consultant & Servicing Businesses
Using The Power of AI

It’s Already Happening And It’s Paying Like Crazy…
And It’s Not Too Late For You To Get A Piece of The Pie

Apps like ChatGPT, ClaudeAI, and others have totally disrupted the way people work. Now AI is being put into everything. However, there are still tons of businesses who are behind and don’t know how to catch up with the AI movement.

And that’s where your opportunity is.

It’s already happening. Companies are desperate and willing to pay six figures or more for help with services powered by AI.

Take A Look:

AI Consultancy Is ALREADY A Multi-Million Dollar Industry That’s Only Going To Continue To Grow:

And Then There’s This:

While VERY Lucrative, It’s Also A MAJOR Challenge To
Build An AI Consultancy From The Ground Up

Most Who Go This Route Will Fail.

We won’t lie. AI consultants can really change their financial status quickly. And that’s only going to continue as time goes on. But there are also headaches that can spell certain disaster for those who try to go at it without insider help or knowledge.

Items Such As:

1. The Need To Understand Artificial Intelligence & Its Applications

90-95% of the people today still don’t get this. And for those that do, because AI is moving so fast, last month’s knowledge almost becomes irrelevant this month. New applications and solutions continue to pop up almost daily, making it difficult for the masses to keep up with development.

2. Defining The Right Business Model

Because most lack a true understanding of AI and its capabilities, they don’t know what business model to build around. They turn into a jack of all trades which eventually makes them not valuable for anything.

3. The Need For A Strong Support Team

It’s not just enough to become an AI consultant. You actually have to fulfill services that you sell. Most don’t have the team behind them to make this happen so they end up burnt out and not marketing themselves…which ultimately will make their revenue cease.

4. Not Being Able To Leverage AI Technology And Infrastructure

This can cost a person thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars to develop…and they still could waste months or years on the technology. Not to mention, if they’re using other applications to power their own…without the right knowledge and navigation, they’re at the mercy of the AI company when it comes to their business.

5. Developing AI Products & Solutions To Sell

Because they lack the expertise, technology, and infrastructure, they won’t have a great product offering that makes prospects want to hire them. This is key to securing high ticket clients and most won’t make it this far because they lack access to the right technology.

6. No Marketing and Business Development Strategies

Even if a person is good with AI technology, this step is the most important. Without the ability to know how to get in front of a target audience AND nurture that audience to a sale, it’s only a matter of time before the new AI consultancy goes belly up.

7. Can’t Scale Their AI Consultancy

If some do make it to the point of getting a few clients, they’ll most likely have a glorified job. They’ll spend all types of ungodly hours in front of their computer working on AI services without having a process to scale their AI Consultant Agency.

Eventually, they’ll tire themselves out and not be able to produce true wealth that comes with being able to scale. This happens because they don’t have the right system or components in place to do so.

Good News!

With Our AI Agency Ascension Protocol, You Can Fast Track Your Way To

A $10k/Mo (Or More) AI Consultant Agency That’s Ready To
Start Getting $2,000-$3,000/mo High Ticket Clients Right Now!

Everything Is Already Done For You. No Guesswork Involved.

We’ve already seen the writing on the wall and have taken steps to help people like yourself NEVER be a victim to the AI Revolution, but instead to profit from it like crazy!

That’s why we’ve developed our special AI Agency Ascension Protocol that helps accelerate your earnings by letting us do all the work for you.

With This Method, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Have total credibility in the eyes of businesses and be seen as a true AI Authority Consultant
  • Be able to command top dollar for services provided EVEN IF you don’t have any tech or AI skills to begin with
  • Create a DYNAMIC FULL TIME income with only a part time effort. It’s that powerful.

We’ve Already Sold Millions Of Dollars In Our Business.
Simply Put, We Know What Works And What Doesn’t.

AI Agency Ascension Program Is Our Very Own
Carefully Crafted Dynamic ‘Done For You’ System That
Can Work For You Immediately.

Here’s How…

Drive Traffic To Your Customized ‘Done for You’ AI Agency Landing Page

We’ll give you the exact steps to accomplish this using a minimal ad budget. Even if you don’t have an ad budget to begin with, we’ll show you free methods you can tap into using our proven expert strategies to get the ball rolling and the leads coming in.

Prospects Turn Into Hot Leads By Choosing To Book A Call

There’s no convincing for you to do on your part. The landing page, video, and marketing materials handles this for you. Once the prospect books a call, they’ve become one of the best leads ever as they’ve taken the initiative to connect with you WITHOUT any pressure from you. This is HUGE.

Automated CRM Follows Up On Your Behalf

You won’t have to chase any leads. The in-built CRM system does the work for you of sending timely messages, educating your prospects, and increasing awareness, authority, and curiosity when it comes to booking you to help with their business.

Follow The Pitch Deck For Success

As we said earlier, we’ve been doing this for years so we know what works. You won’t have to figure out what to say. Because the leads are already hot and ready to buy, you only need to follow the pitch deck and you’ll be able to close all the deals you desire with total confidence.

Get Paid To Your Account

We’ll provide you with the retainer pricing document and the A.I Automation Agency contract to secure your earnings. You won’t have to hire any lawyers or retain any other specialists. It’s all included for you here.

Guess What?

It Takes Less Than 1 Hour To Deliver These Services

Which Means You Can EASILY Scale To $10k/moWith Very Little Work On Your Part

This is the beauty of this system. Because AI is doing the work, you only become the middleman or the connector and get paid a king’s ransom for doing so.

Everything you need to make this work for you is already provided. You only need to take action, plug into the system, and let AI do the rest.

You realistically could work part time hours weekly and generate more revenue than people who work hard with overtime.

It’s one of the best models available and the AI Revolution is making this an incredible opportunity for you to take advantage of!

We’re Going Provide
EVERYTHING You Need While Coaching You &
Holding Your Hand All The Way To Success

We WILL NOT Let You Fail.
You Simply Can’t Lose!

We’re not going to leave anything to chance when it comes to making sure you succeed.
We’ve designed this entire program to make sure that you achieve the success you deserve.

Here’s What’s Waiting For You With Your Private Coaching:

10 One-On-One FAST-TRACK Sessions With Your Personalized Coach

We normally charge $2,000/hr for sessions like these as we unveil and help you discover how to leverage AI for true success. Your personal coach will help you step by step when it comes to getting the results you truly desire from your newfound AI agency.

Your coach will help you map out your goals, get a true framework for success, and give you the specific PROVEN step-by-step guide to filling your funnel with tons of qualified leads, closing sales, and delivering results that puts you in demand in your market.

It’s hand holding success at its finest. You simply can’t lose with this option.

Bonus One-On-One Sessions If Needed

While we feel that 10 sessions are more than enough, we understand that sometimes, you might need a little extra boost. If you show that you’re trying and still need help, we’ll schedule additional sessions to get you over the hump at no additional cost.

Monthly Mastermind Success Sessions

Come together with fellow like-minded AI certified consultants and learn the strategies to help propel you forward. Our team will give you insight and foresight as to what’s working currently in the market and how to shift to get your piece of the pie. These sessions are designed to help you stay on top of the industry without having to do the tedious research yourself.

Your First Emergency Deal Closing Lifeline Help

Sometimes getting the first deal can be the hardest. That’s why we’ve reserved this option for your coaching. If you ever feel you need help to get that first deal to the finish line, simply contact your lifeline help and we’ll coach you to overcome the objections and collect your first check from your first deal.

Lifetime Access To The AI Agency Success Recording Vault

We’ll be sharing valuable never seen before insights from our own multi-million dollar efforts in various workshops exclusive to our members. Every recording will be housed in a private access for you. You never have to worry about losing access to this knowledge. It’ll be ready and available to you whenever you need it. Even 5 years from now if you so desire!

Red Carpet Onboarding Treatment

You’ll definitely feel like a VIP when we onboard you with all the agency and certification elements necessary to give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Once we’re done showering you with tools, strategies, and more…you’ll be ready to scale your new agency to six or seven figures in no time.(see more of what you’re getting below!)

Priority Email Support

Because you’re taking action and taking things to the next level, we want to make sure you can get all your pressing questions answered as fast as possible. When you join the AI Agency Ascension Program, you’ll be assigned your very own personal VIP support email associate who will make sure all your questions are answered within 24 hours or less.

Customized Accountability Tools & Support

Your coach will make sure you stay on track by building out your personal tools and dashboard. Everything you need to execute without fail will be done for you. This includes goal dashboards, habit trackers, Kanban systems, and more. No guesswork needed on your part. Just plug in and get ready to profit.

Traffic Generation Boost Bootcamp

This can be one of the most challenging factors for new students. That’s why we’re going to make sure you understand traffic generation right out the gate. We’ll spend time with you helping you set up your campaigns IMMEDIATELY so you can start getting deals within days. Plus, what we’ll teach you here will make you even more valuable to your industry as most don’t understand how to generate traffic.

Once you’re done with this bootcamp, you’ll know more than 95% of the people on the planet and businesses will pay you like crazy to learn these strategies from you!

And We’re Just Getting Started…

We Also Give You A
‘Done For You’ AI Automation Agency Setup

To be clear, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill agency kit; it's a transformative experience tailored to your success designed with MarketingBlocks users in mind.

Here's How It Will Work For You:

Full ‘Done For You’ Plug and Play
Marketing Suite

When we say everything is done for you upfront, we mean just that. We’ve put together a top-notch team that handles all of the logistics and marketing materials for your new Certified AI Agency. This means you won’t need to invest the normal price of $10k+ to have this done for you. Everything will be set up by our team so you can EASILY convert prospects to high ticket clients with ease.

This Includes Items Like

  • Professional Web Copy - written by some of the best PROVEN copywriters with millions of dollars in sales and conversions.
  • Professionally Designed Landing Page - crafted by top conversion specialists that increases the chances of opt-ins and booked calls without any additional effort from you.
  • Sleek Dynamic Appointment Forms - that attracts prospects into your client pipeline and warms them up for the sale.
  • Professional Web Design Elements - we also take it a step further and design your entire agency site that makes you look like a big corporation. Your prospects will see you as a true authority in the marketplace with the site we provide for you.
  • High Converting Video - we’ve also put together your prospecting video that enhances conversions on your landing page. This video gives great education to the prospect while creating curiosity to book a call. Normally, you’d have to pay at least $2,000 for this alone, but it’s included in the marketing suite.
  • Dynamic Tech Support - Never worry about handling any technical issues with your sites, or services being provided. Our team has an entire staff dedicated to not only making sure your site is always up and running, but that your clients’ needs are always provided for as well.
  • Free Domain Name For 5 Years - no need to purchase an expensive domain name if you don’t want to. We’ve already taken care of this for you. Once you sign up, we’ll help you select a domain name that you won’t have to pay registration fees for the next 5 years.
  • Free Hosting For 5 Years - Along with your domain, we’re also going to foot the bill for your web hosting as well. You won’t have to ever worry about any exorbitant web hosting fees or any surprised bills due to spikes in web traffic. It’s all included in our marketing suite.

Prospecting Nurturing Thank You
Page & Assignment

To keep your prospect engaged before your call, we’ve designed a specialized thank you page that gives them interactive assignments that pushes them closer to the sale. This is done by using the assignment to show how much they need your services and the thank you page encourages them to show up for the call or they’ll miss out on a true solution to grow their business.

Million Dollar Multiplier Pitch Deck Complete With Speaker Notes

This is the same pitch deck we’ve used to close tons of deals. In short, it works. Everything you need to position yourself as the AI consultant to work with is already done for you.

This pitch deck comes complete with speaker notes, so you never have to worry about what to say, even when it comes to objections! You can rest assured that this pitch deck will confidently guide you through closing all the high ticket deals you can handle. Finally, we’ll jump on a call with you one on one & teach you how to use this deck. You simply can’t lose.

Persuasive Email Follow-up Sequences

Email is still the #1 method of communication and marketing today. Our high converting done for your email sequences will catapult you into being a master of email marketing with our meticulously crafted sequences that nurture leads and drive sales.

Hassle Free Lead Follow Up &
CRM Automation

Our top-level CRM will do the work for you when it comes to warming up and nurturing your leads on complete autopilot. This way you ensure not a single prospect falls through the cracks. Our CRM rivals the most popular ones out there. We will set this up for you and handle all the tech & optimize your email delivery. There’s nothing else for you to do here except respond to the prospect’s questions and close the sale.

The Daily High-Ticket Attraction Workflow

Never wonder what steps to take daily to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. This is our very own secret weapon daily marketing routine that makes sure you consistently book calls and convert leads into loyal high-paying clients.

The ‘Barrier Removal’ No Fail Cold Calling Scripts

Use these proven cold calling scripts to equip yourself for massive success and disarm the gatekeepers. These are the very scripts that quickly turn cold prospects and strangers into friends and then into willing clients to boost your AI Agency’s revenue.

The Objection Dismantling Manifesto

Learn how to turn every possible objection a prospect may have into opportunities you can close deals on. You’ll be fully armed to counter every question, objection, and rebuttal with ease and convince prospects that they’ll be in a worse condition by not hiring you for your services.

The High Ticket Retainer Pricing Blueprint

Always know the right pricing strategy for your services in every situation. This document will break down the suggested pricing for each service you can offer so you get maximum payment with minimal work.

The Ultimate A.I Automation Agency Contract

We’ve commissioned our very own lawyers to put together iron-clad contracts for you to use in your business. No need to pay expensive lawyer fees into the thousands. We've got you covered with a contract template designed specifically for your AI Automation Agency. The contract was drafted by an attorney on our retainership.

Next Is Our Expert Training Center…

This Includes Items Like

Traffic Generation Mastery Training Videos

Generating consistent traffic is a major problem for most agency owners and consultants. But once you go through this training, you’ll have everything you need to develop the true skill of attracting traffic to your landing pages and offers, whether on a shoestring budget or for free.

Plus, you’ll also have an ADDITIONAL skills and service that you can offer to potential clients for thousands of dollars!

The High Ticket Client Attraction Daily Marketing Routine

We’ve already crafted the document for you in our marketing suite. Here, we’ll walk you through it step by step to ensure that you learn the TRUE secrets to consistently book calls and grow your business. Once you’re done, you’ll learn the real secret is CONSISTENCY in doing CERTAIN things so that it ALWAYS produces the right results.

The Art of The Irresistible Pitch

We’ll take you deeper inside our pitch deck that’s sold tons of client services and help you leverage the potential of using the pitch deck to your advantage in this exclusive training video.

Calendar Management Mastery

Learn how to efficiently manage your appointments and schedule so you generate thousands of dollars with as little time invested as possible..

Finally, You’ll Receive Your
ELITE AI Consultancy Certification

Getting success in the world of AI can really only happen with one thing. That’s being seen as a true authority.

By getting your official certification from us, you’ll be seen as the go-to authority in AI consulting. Not to mention, you’ll validate your high-ticket prices as well.

Our ELITE AI Certification is your ticket to expert status, credibility, and success in an industry that’s moving at warp speed.

You’ll be able to tap into an immense network of businesses that need and want your services desperately and you’ll have the credentials to match.

But that’s not all. The AI Certification we offer allows you access to a deeper knowledge of AI practices that will make you irresistible to clients while giving you the TRUE power to scale your newfound AI agency to multiple six or seven figures faster than you can blink.

Regardless of What You’re Currently Doing,

You Can And Will Benefit
From This Program Guaranteed

If You’re An Individual
or Freelancer…

Our AI Agency Ascension Program can help you obtain the high-income AI skills that are in demand right now. Others only have a partial understanding of how to help businesses benefit with AI, but you’re being handed a complete toolkit that positions you as a true AI authority from day one.

Not only will you impress potential clients, but you’ll also be seen as a true thought leader in the AI field. Our toolkit and training will help you stand head and shoulders above other AI consultants who only get their understanding from scattered information resources.

If You Already Own A Business Or Marketing Agency…

Our AI Agency Ascension Program lets you either transform your service offering or add to your existing services without spending months trying to learn it all yourself. Use it to bolster your agency’s revenue while giving your existing and new clients exactly what they need to thrive in the AI revolution. We guarantee the DFY service will make you and your team fully competent and attractive in the eyes of those who desperately need this service.

If You’ve Been Looking For
A Way To True Lifestyle Freedom While Building
Serious Income and Wealth… You’ve Found It!

Imagine Being Able To Service A Handful Of Clients Paying $2,000-$3,000/mo
And Only Spending A Few Hours Doing So.

That’s What Our AI Agency Ascension Program Can Do For You.

Remember, There’s No Need To:

  • Invest 100’s of thousands of dollars in developing your own AI software.
  • Study for hours to try and understand AI technology - complete beginners are welcome.
  • Try and learn how to market your new AI Consultant Agency - we teach you everything…even how to get free traffic!
  • Create marketing materials, purchase domain names, web hosting or more…everything is provided for you upfront.
  • Build your own team. You’ll have access to our team from day one. That same team will also handle any tech issues your clients may have.
  • Figure out the entire business model on your own. We’ll coach you all the way to success and even give you EMERGENCY VIP help to get your clients to sign on with you.

The Only Thing You’ll Have To Do Is Close The Deal
(Which We’ll Show You How To Do)
And Hand The Work Off To Us. It’s A True Win/Win Situation.

With all the profits you’ll be able to make, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what you’re going to do with all your new free time!

Unfortunately, I Can’t Take Everyone…

So You’ll Need To Take Action Quickly
To Join The AI Agency Ascension Program

Here’s the thing.

I want to and honestly wish I could help everyone develop their own profitable AI Consultant Agency.

Especially since this is where the money is and will be for quite some time.

But…unfortunately I can’t. It’s just not feasible.

When you look at everything we’re offering, we’re more concerned with getting people results than just getting a bunch of people into a program.

And that takes time, nurturing, coaching, and care. We’re serious about helping a select group of people change their lives and their income and that’s going to require our team’s focus like never before.

So if you see an opportunity for yourself, (which we’re sure you do) then don’t delay. Make sure to take action to join the AI Agency Ascension Program now.

Your Brand New
DFY High Ticket AI Consultant Agency Awaits

Step Into The Future of Business By Partnering With Us
And Let Us Help You Scale To $10k/mo In The Next 90 Days

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