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$1,500/mo Client With Only 1 Hour of Fulfillment Work?

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Read On For Details…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

We’re in some exciting times.
With the AI boom in full swing, it has created a playing field that anyone can leverage to become financially comfortable.

Even wealthy if they so choose.

But it’s also created some problems for A LOT of businesses.

Right now, as you’re reading this page, AI is making it incredibly difficult for a lot of businesses to keep up with the pace of society.

Because Of This, They’re Falling Behind In Areas Like:

  • Content creation & marketing
  • Video creation and promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer support, appointment booking
  • Lead generation and outreach

That’s just a few of the items. But this, my friend, has presented an AMAZING opportunity for you because these businesses are SERIOUSLY DESPERATE for anyone to help them catch up.

And that’s where you come in.

But The Best Part?

You Can Get Paid From These Businesses
Without Having To Do Too Much Of The Work Yourself!

The Demand For AI Experts And AI Services
Are Creating Major Cash Flow…

See For Yourself:

While Some Big Companies Are Snatching Up AI Talent Like A Greedy Monster, Others Are Left Out In The Cold

And That’s Where You Come In…

You have already seen the writing on the wall.
AI is here to stay and we’re not going back.
Large corporations were already integrating this years ago.

The problem is that small businesses have one of two problems…or possibly both:

• They can’t find the talent they need to help produce results fast with AI

• They can’t afford to hire someone on staff for $100,000/yr

While not great for them, it’s awesome for you. Because they’ll love the fact that they can still experience the benefit of AI services while paying you a monthly retainership.

They won’t have to worry about paying benefits, employees calling off, or even hiring someone only to find out they’re not a good fit and they’re stuck with them.

You Benefit By Getting Paid To Be A Life-Saver To These Businesses, BUT You Won’t Have To Work Hard Doing It.

You’ll simply leverage AI to help you fulfill the client’s needs and most of the time it only takes 1 hour to do the work.

You read that right. 1 hour. 60 minutes.

The only thing you need to do is connect with these individuals and let them know that you can help them.

But don’t worry. I’ll show you exactly where to find these desperate businesses that have cash in hand to pay you RIGHT NOW…

I’ve Developed A Special Method That Lets You Find
These ‘Goldmine’ Leads That Will Trample Each Other To Force
A $1,500 Monthly Payment Into Your Hands!

See, These Businesses Are Out There, But You’ve Got To Know Where To Look.

It’s not as simple as doing a quick Google search, calling up someone from the local 3 pack, and getting a contract.

If you try and go that route, you’ll either get hung up on or worse…get cussed out and THEN get hung up on.

That doesn’t bode well for your confidence by the way.

Instead, there’s a tried and true method I use that attracts these leads to me like a bee to honey. I don’t force it and I don’t pressure a single lead. My method is so powerful that it makes me incredibly valuable in the business owner's eyes that they hope I don’t reject working with them.

When you apply this method that I’ll show you, it’s simply a matter of time before getting your first $1,500/mo payment.

You’d Be Amazed At How Good This Works

More On That In A Moment, But First…

Here’s The Best Part:

You Can Deliver These In Demand Automated AI Service
Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy

And It Only Takes 1 Hour Worth of Work!

Now you were probably wondering that right? Sure, it sounds great to have multiple businesses all paying you $1,500/mo regularly, but what about the work?

That’s the beauty of how we do things. We don’t slave over the work. We don’t stress about it.
We simply use our in-house methods and let AI do the heavy lifting for us.

There’s no lack of quality because we know how to get the AI to give us pristine results…which the client is super happy receiving.

This keeps them coming back for more and we continue to get paid.

It’s almost hilarious how we only have to spend about an hour fulfilling the work for the client. But when you have a streamlined system like we do, getting $1,500/mo clients and scaling to $10k/mo becomes child’s play.

Are You Ready To Learn How?


The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad

The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad Gives You Everything You Need To Create Your Very Own AI Agency & Scale It To $10,000/mo Fast!

Here’s What’s Included

In The Training:

Module #1

The AI Agency Cash Code

Unlock The Step-By-Step Framework For Building An AI Services Agency That Reliably Generates $10,000 Per Month In Passive Income.

This revolutionary approach works where other business models have failed because it taps into skyrocketing demand for AI solutions and leverages a virtually untouched niche.

Here’s What We’ll Cover In This Module:

  • The 3 non-negotiable elements your AI agency needs for profitability
  • Choosing your AI superpower - Determine the best AI development skills to learn
  • Identifying lucrative AI opportunities through the Business Pain Quadrant Filter
  • Crafting a Unique Agency Value Proposition (UVP) that converts leads like crazy
  • Building a predictable lead generation engine for your AI services agency

This is our very own groundbreaking framework behind running a $10k/mo AI agency and when you go through this module, you’ll see firsthand why it works better than anything else you tried so far..

Module #2

Magnetic AI Service Offers

Not every AI service is in demand and even those that are, still have to be framed to help the client understand how it will help their business to move forward. When you learn how to craft AI offers in a specific way, you’ll solve problems for businesses and they’ll see you as their true knight in shining armor.

This will make clients lining up and begging to work with you.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Module:

  • Analyzing the AI hopes, fears and obstacles of your ideal client
  • Structuring AI offers to present yourself as the market expert
  • Quantifying the financial impact of hiring your AI services
  • Including proof-elements that add credibility to your AI offer
  • Managing client expectations around AI development timelines

Module #3

Cashing In On Overlooked,
Yet WIDE Open AI Goldmine Niches

Learn Firsthand How To Target The Perfect Niches For Your AI Services Agency.

These are hidden gems that practically no one knows about yet desperately need your help to leverage AI. These niches are so starved for AI solutions that closing deals in these markets are an absolute breeze.

We’ll show you where to find these lucrative untapped markets ripe for serving AI offers.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Module:

  • Following the money - industries experiencing AI investment growth
  • Discover the top 3 untouched niche goldmines perfect for disrupting with AI solutions
  • How to reverse engineering successful AI products/services
  • Exclusive access to our proven AI niche validation toolkit for confirming profit potential
  • Case studies and proven examples for lucrative niches waiting to be dominated

Module #4

The ‘Almost’ Hands Off $120,000/yr - 10 hr Work Week Business

For those that want to see results lightning fast and get to the finish line quickly, we’ll break down how you can do that in this module. We’ll give you the entire plan and layout when it comes to going from zero to $10k/mo in a heartbeat.

This is our personal Fast Track Solution where we hold your hand and help you get it done without fail.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to create the exact a.i automation offer that businesses can't resist and want to Hire You on the spot For.
  • The only outreach method you need to land 3-5 clients in the next 30 days
  • How to practically guarantee your success without having to invest in any more software.

Only A Handful of Clients Gives You

The great thing about having your very own AI Agency and having businesses pay you $1,500/mo is that you don’t need a lot of clients to enjoy a six figure income.

Honestly, you really only need 6 or 7 clients and you’re on your way.

Because AI services are in such demand now, you really won’t have to work hard to get those clientele. Especially when you apply the methods that we’ll share in the training.

If You’ve Ever Wanted A
Business That Pays You EXTREMELY Well
Without Having To Slave Away
For All Types of Ungodly Hours… This Is It.

Look, We Know That There Are Other Business Models Out There. We Don’t Deny it.

However, what most people fail to realize is that AI is now affecting all of those models and making it hard to compete. Things are moving so rapidly that most just can’t keep up.

But with this model of having your own AI agency, you really only have to be the middleman and get paid. There’s no stress or pressure because you’ll have an in demand service.

With that, you won’t have to sit in front of the computer all day writing articles, making podcasts, creating videos, or anything else.

You simply use the methods we share, get paid, and spend about an hour fulfilling all the work.

Also, We’re Going To Put
The Odds of Success In Your Favor Even More By

Gifting You These AMAZING Bonuses!

Quite honestly, the training we’ve put together with the Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad is dynamic on its own. It’s truly worth its weight in gold.

But as our way of wanting to over deliver and give you an unfair advantage when it comes to having your own AI agency, we’re also going to include these bonuses with your investment today:

The AI Prospector’s Dream -

Full List of Hyper Profitable Niches

Did you know that there’s a huge market when it comes to selling bots to businesses? But finding those businesses is almost as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

When you get this list of unsaturated hyper profitable niches that I’m going to hand you as a bonus, it’s like taking that same needle in a haystack and waving a super-charged magnet so that the needle comes to you.

It’s the same for these businesses. They’ll happily welcome you to offer your bot creations they can purchase.

The Guide To Cracking The Code On Lucrative 5 Figure Pricing Structures

Let's be honest - most AI professionals undercharge for their genius and leave boatloads of money on the table.

But inside this exclusive guide, you'll discover the long lost 5 figure pricing secrets that AI elites use to maximize revenue from every client.

That's right! No more undervaluing your AI talents or getting taken advantage of by cheapskate prospects.

Instead, you'll unlock the proprietary code behind structuring irresistible 5 figure service packages that prospects eagerly pay top dollar for.

These pricing alchemy techniques are jealously guarded by high paid AI experts. But now, we're handing you the keys to structuring deals that have clients chomping at the bit, checkbooks wide open and ready to invest big in your AI solutions.

So if you're serious about cracking the lucrative AI pricing code used by the top 1% of elite AI agencies, then this guide is an absolute must.

The Irresistible Client Getting Lead Magnet Manifesto

Want an unfair advantage for getting AI clients flooding into your inbox?

Inside this Lead Magnet Manifesto, we reveal the secrets behind creating irresistible lead magnet that convert like crazy.

These carefully crafted free offers essentially trickle clients to you on autopilot by baiting your perfect prospective customers. And once downloaded, your lead magnets continue working their magic to turn visitors into voracious buyers desperate for your AI services.

So if you need a reliable, hands-free way to generate hot qualified leads 24/7...if you want the ultimate solution for getting clients banging down your door already pre-sold and ready to hire you...then you love having this Lead Magnet Manifesto in your arsenal.

The Bot Maestro Masterclass:

How To Build Bots You Can Sell In Just One Hour

What if you could leverage a simple 3-step software to pump out intelligent AI bots in under 60 minutes? We’re talking about highly skilled virtual assistants that qualify leads, close deals, deliver 5 star service, and more for your clients?

Well imagine no more, because inside this exclusive masterclass, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to create game changing AI bots tailored to the hottest business needs...even if you have zero technical skills right now. And these are bots that businesses LOVE to buy.

I'm talking about coveted AI employees capable of:

• Capturing leads 24/7 with conversational chatbots
• Nurturing and qualifying prospects automatically
• Scheduling appointments and discovery calls

• Automating outbound reach and sales sequences
• Providing tailored customer service via chat
• Accelerating employee onboarding and training

And the best part? The bot creation blueprint you'll discover inside works for ANY industry, so the income potential here is truly unlimited.

Your Success With The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad Is Assured.

Here’s My Iron-Clad No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using the methods inside The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad is completely guaranteed. In fact, take the next 30 days and use training inside of The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad as much as you want. Go through and see how we’ve simplified the entire process of succeeding with your own AI agency.

After using the methods included with The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad for the next 30 days - if you aren’t seeing any results, we want you to contact our support desk and we’ll personally get on and do our best to help put you on the right path. In the UNLIKELY case that we can’t, we will refund you every single dime. No questions asked.

This way you don’t lose anything at all. The risk is totally on me. Plus you can keep the bonuses as our way of saying thanks for giving The Accelerated AI Agency Launchpad a fair try.


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Yet, even if you only got one $1,500/mo client using this training…getting access at the price listed would still be worth it.

Thankfully, you won’t have to do that…if you act before time runs out.

Isn’t It Time You Work Smarter In 2024 And Beyond?

Having Your Very Own AI Agency Lets You Do That

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With Only A Part Time Effort Starting In The Next 30 Days

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